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    * Marketing Drive, Norwalk, CT
    * UNICEF, Panama City, Panama
    * Lone Pine Capital, Greenwich, CT
    * Marriott International, London, UK
    * Norwalk Education Foundation - Norwalk, CT
    * Norwalk Public Schools - Norwalk, CT
    * Norwalk Community College, Norwalk, CT
    * Connecticut Pre-Engineering Program, Bloomfield, CT
    * City of Norwalk - Norwalk, CT
    * George Washington Carver Community Center - Norwalk, CT
    * KVL Audio Visual Services - Ardsley, NY
    * Norwalk Senior Center - Norwalk, CT

**Professional and personal references available.


"I would highly recommend Paula for delivering this type of training, it is very interactive, energetic and relevant. Paula delivers the subject matter expertly and balances the content with an element of fun that makes the learning so much easier."
Paul Malcom, Regional VP, Marriott International

"Thank you Tech Gods for Paula.  She can train entire departments or work one-on-one. From teachers, to principals, to department heads...I've seen Paula help them all use technology to make their jobs easier and their work day more efficient.  And besides that, she's fun to work with!" 
Dorsey Gude, Executive Director, Norwalk Education Foundation

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